Top Quality Retail Grocery Inventory Service

Retail Grocery Inventory ServiceReliant is proud to provide the most reliable inventory service in the country. We service a variety of industries across the Eastern United States and the Caribbean. We provide quality and accurate retail grocery inventory service to a large number of grocery stores throughout the country. We are dedicated to quality customer service and will work with you at every stage of the inventory count process. Our data collection is accurate and reliable because our staff is trained and knowledgeable and uses only the most up-to-date technology to provide retail grocery inventory service.

Our retail grocery inventory service will allow your retail grocery business to have a firm grasp on your assets and be helpful to assist you in making decisions about the future of your business. Our staff will thoroughly and accurately count your inventory from wall to wall of your store. We count everything including and not limited to: meat, deli items, bakery items, natural foods, bulk items, produce, non-food items, specialty department items, greeting cards, health and beauty products, seafood, beer, wine and liquor.

Our expert level trained staff will get your data back to you in a timely and understandable manner. We are known for our accuracy and versatility and offer real time data collection in order to prepare various inventory types. The inventory types we offer for retail grocery inventory service are SKU inventory, shelf price verification, asset inventories and financial inventories. We use state of the art radio frequency equipment to provide data collection in real time and offering you quality service at a price that’s affordable.


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